ResponseCRM Integrations
We are connected with many different payment and fulfillment platforms so that you can process and fulfill your orders with ease.

Sales Funnel Integrations


Domain Setup

Turnkey & fully managed domain setup - from registration to auto-renewing SSL - in under sixty seconds. No technical experience required

Template Engine

Unlock the power of our app-based template engine which includes ready-made landing page templates, thousands of high quality curated images, and a directory of apps

Campaign Management

Manage a thousand sites as easily as you manage one with our CRM integration that eliminates data entry and facilitates bulk updates

Blazing Fast Websites

Generate higher conversions and avoid costly outages. We host websites throughout Google's global network and route users to the data center nearest to them. This means websites are 4-5x faster, able to handle significant traffic volumes, and always online. The platform also optimizes all aspects of your website -- images, strategic loading of assets, and custom-built files so your site only loads exactly what it needs without the bloat that typically slows down websites.

Note: While many other providers may claim to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), they are generally only using the CDN for the files on your website (we do that too!). The website itself often resides in a single physical location resulting in slower initial connection to the website and a higher likelihood for website outages.

Map of the Google Cloud Platform Regions


Use of Blacklight includes:

  • Domain registrations with suggested available domains to find the perfect domain name
  • Manage unlimited domains using instant search and bulk actions
  • Unlimited domain contacts
  • Unlimited brand design and renderings
  • A dedicated IP address
  • User management
  • Pre-built templates and offer flows
  • CRM integration directly in Blacklight to avoid data entry
  • Email support


Every active website in Blacklight comes with:

  • Build up to 5 websites per domain (*$5/website/mo effective rate)
  • Fully managed email forwarding
  • Use of the Blacklight Template Engine
  • Use of the domain and subdomains to build sites on Blacklight
  • Hosting on Blacklight’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) for blazing fast websites
  • DNS Hosting
  • Automatic SSL hosting and renewal
  • Use of thousands of Blacklight-licensed Getty images
  • Geo restrict website access to specific countries, states, or major metropolitan areas
  • Fast publishing in less than five seconds

IP Addresses

Every IP address is:

  • Dedicated exclusively to your account for the utmost privacy
  • Able to run one site or thousands on a single IP
  • Configured for top level and subdomains
  • Able to be assigned to domains in any configuration (and can be changed at any moment)
  • Fully configured and managed by Blacklight
  • Fast provisioning in less than 10 seconds

Online WYSIWYG sales funnel builder

  • Build from Scratch

    Use our Drag & Drop editor or custom code your HTML from scratch with a live WYSIWYG editor.

  • Start From a Template

    Take our Designs and customize them to your needs. New Templates and designers added weekly.

  • Import Your Design

    Already had something created? You can import your files into Subscribe Funnels to take advantage of our WYSIWYG editor!

Not a programer? No problem!

Our platform is made for a non-programmer like you. Never have to write a single line of code to start your own website. Drag and drop to realize your design.

Pricing that suits your specific needs

Get your first site FREE. Just sign up to get started.

Your Trapeze Membership Includes:

  • Prebuilt Landing Pages

  • Proprietary Profit Maximation Apps

  • Smart Links and A/B Testing

  • Website Analytics

  • Customizable Pre-Sale Pages

  • Ecommerce Templates

What makes Trapeze different?

Backend Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Built In Integrations

Scale with Ease

Contact Us Today to Learn How Trapeze Can Help You:

  • Setup your own offers in under 5 minutes
  • Launch new brands and verticals WITHOUT hiring a developer or designer
  • Lower your effective CPA
  • Reduce your product and fulfillment costs
  • Take the stress and skill out of campaign management
  • Improve your customer's experience

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