E-Commerce Company’s Revenue Soars with ResponseCRM’s Performance-Based Pricing Model and Exceptional Platform

“Moving onto ResponseCRM helped us keep costs down, as there are no setup or monthly membership fees, and the transaction costs are very low. Paying less in fees allowed us to put more back into the business and scale much quicker than we would have done using our previous CRM.”

CEO, e-commerce company with a variety of consumer products in the direct response industry

The company’s benefits with ResponseCRM

1. Reduces costs and increases flexibility and scalability with a transaction-based pricing model, and has helped the business to grow considerably since 2016.

2. Versatile user interface (UI) makes it so easy to create effective campaigns frequently and quickly.

3. Leverages ResponseCRM’s powerful integrations to help meet customer demands.

Business Challenge

This e-commerce business needed a robust and cost-effective direct marketing automation CRM solution that is easy to use and affordable. All of the company’s previous CRMs had expensive fees for set up, monthly licensing, and transactions. In addition, these costly CRM solutions were difficult to use, making it even more challenging to scale.

ResponseCRM Solution

The company has been a ResponseCRM customer since 2016, and moving to this solution, which is transaction based, helped keep the costs down while enabling it to scale quickly and grow the business—even during COVID. The ResponseCRM UI was easy to use and made it possible for the company to get up-and-running quickly with new campaigns, which they create daily.

Over the years, at the company’s request, ResponseCRM delivered custom integrations with third-party vendors and provided superior customer support. The company uses various email marketing providers, fulfillment providers, and other vendors that are critical to meet its daily needs.

What this CEO told us about the power of ResponseCRM

A great pricing model and no long-term contracts

“Before we came to ResponseCRM, our goal was to find a solution that provided a fair balance between cost and functionality. We kept hearing from our colleagues about ResponseCRM’s pricing model and feature set and that got us interested. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first. I mean, who can get away with not charging a setup fee, no monthly fees, and only 6 cents a transaction? But it’s working. This system works. The pricing model works.”

“Amazing customer support – The customer support is great. I feel like I’m having my cake and eating it too, to be honest.”

“I think everybody in e-commerce should look at ResponseCRM, whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned online business. I don’t think any other vendor can do what ResponseCRM does, especially with their pricing model.”