Why It Matters That ResponseCRM Receives Industry Validation

Blast from the past on the road to excellence
ResponseCRM’s award-winning journey began when the company received the AFFYs Digital Marketing Excellence Award in 2018. As we continue to enhance the platform, ongoing external recognition helps reinforce that we’re delivering the highest level of value to our customers to meet the demands of ecommerce. Here’s a quick look back at the AFFYs and how ResponseCRM’s continuous commitment to innovation and value is achieving amazing results. 

ResponseCRM’s founder got recognized back then for ResponseCRM’s extraordinary achievements in digital marketing by winning the AFFYs Award. The AFFYs started off as an affiliate marketing industry award hence the name, AFFY. Over the years this award evolved into a much broader digital marketing award.  

Details and guiding principles about the AFFY award can be found on the official website of the AFFYs Digital Marketing Awards. According to their website, “The legendary AFFY Awards were founded by Darren Blatt, a digital marketing industry vet since 1997 and creator of the most sought after and epic B2B networking event, the Affiliate Ball.”

How far we’ve traveled

Since that time, ResponseCRM has been recognized by a variety of industry organizations for our platform and business model that helps entrepreneurs and established companies to launch or expand their ecommerce business easily, most profitably, quickly, and effectively.

  • Stevie Award from the American Business Association®
  • Finalist in the prestigious Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) competition
  • Titan Business Award 
  • BIG Innovation Award Winner 

Why this matters

As you strive to build or expand your online business, it’s important to go with a proven winner that can deliver the best value, ROI, while providing powerful integrations and cutting-edge features to give you a competitive edge. And we do that with our headless commerce ResponseCRM platform and transaction-based pricing model. There are no upfront costs, no fees, and no ongoing charges. When you make money, we make money. It’s as simple as that. It’s a winning combination for us and our customers. Sign up for a free account today to learn how we can help you.

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