Access2000 Media Helps Online Businesses to Increase Sales Quickly and Easily with ResponseCRM

“I like that ResponseCRM is easy to use, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do — handle Customer Relationship Management in the best way possible. We drive lots of sales to ResponseCRM, and the solution is incredibly cost effective and efficient.”

Aaron Vaughn, Owner, Access2000 Media

The company’s benefits with ResponseCRM

1. Exceptional customer service that makes it easy to quickly add custom features.

2. Reliable and efficient solution for setting the CRM and knowing that it will perform the tasks, which is a huge time saver.

3. Easy integrations with popular apps.

4. Great feature set and pricing model to meet the growing business needs of his customers.

Business Overview and Challenge

Access2000 Media is a traffic and CRM software development and consulting company that helps businesses to implement their CRM systems and handle large volumes of customer traffic most efficiently. Vaughn works with his clients in the rapidly growing nutraceutical industry, as well as other vertical markets, where he customizes and integrates their CRMs with other applications that enhance his customers’ direct response online businesses. He also collaborates with partners that run their businesses through ResponseCRM.

One of the biggest challenges online sellers experience is determining what’s required so that the systems are powerful enough to handle the processing requirements to increase their online sales. Once the sales come in, companies also must ensure that they’ve implemented a system that can transmit information to ship the products, send welcome and status emails to customers, track customer interactions, and perform other related functions efficiently. Any glitch in this process can make the difference between profitability and loss.

ResponseCRM Solution

Vaughn has been using Response CRM for 4 years, and it has allowed his company to handle the sales and customer service requirements of his clients to ensure they can keep their customers and payment processors satisfied. ResponseCRM has powerful integrations with many popular third-party apps, and Vaughn is able to leverage these integrations to give his clients the capabilities they need quickly, easily, and cost effectively and to run customer traffic more efficiently to get better control over processing costs.

Access2000 Media attributes this success to:

  • Professional and collaborative support: Whenever Vaughn needed assistance, he received immediate help and training from the ResponseCRM team. Custom features, such as easy-to-implement ACH capabilities, were added to the ResponseCRM solution based on his request.
  • Exceptional uptime: Unlike some of the CRM solutions Vaughn had previously used that would get bogged down when there was a sudden burst of traffic, ResponseCRM continues to operate smoothly at all times. It can handle processing and gateways with no surprises and ensure compliance.
  • Fast integrations: It was easy to implement integrations with key apps, such as with PAAY 3D Secure, ACH, and chargeback defense. The integrations helped to ensure that the product information, payments, security for fraud checks, shipments, and follow-up communications all flow as expected.
  • Transaction-based pricing and a wide range of features: The intuitive UI and ability to set up individual user accounts with their own administrative levels helped save valuable time. Vaughn’s customers can also launch new businesses quickly with minimal investment because the CRM only charges them when they sell something, instead of having to pay monthly fees and other costs to use the platform.
“I chose ResponseCRM because of their excellent customer service and ease of use. The team does a great job of customer service and is a shining example of how to be exceptional. The CRM helps the rest of us to run our businesses in a similar manner.”
“When we are pushing a lot of traffic through ResponseCRM, it’s super-easy to get reports, even if you have 600 sales a day. The CRM does it all for you very well.”