What Would Yoda Say about ResponseCRM’s New Dark Mode?

So, what does ResponseCRM now have in common with the Star Wars movie series? You might say it’s an opportunity to experience the dark mode. That’s right. We’re making it possible for you to take that quick-and-easy path to harness the force of e-commerce by changing the settings on your screen. Now you can view ResponseCRM reporting and other information in the dark mode, which can be easier on the eyes when you’re working at night.

May the force be with you

What does that e-commerce force look like? It’s really powerful and helps you tackle the business challenges of building or expanding an online business—on earth or in a galaxy far, far away. Seriously, though, if you’ve been looking at a bright white screen all day, it might give your eyes a break to switch to the dark mode when the lights go down.

Some people like the dark mode because they say it’s supposed to reduce blue light exposure and eye strain. And if you use electronic devices before you go to bed, the dark mode setting might even help you sleep better. Did you know that blue light from phones can keep you awake? And let’s face it, the dark mode has a nice look.

While some experts say the dark mode is easier for reading, others might disagree. Either way, we’re giving you a choice by making ResponseCRM available in either mode. If you’re ready to move over to the dark side, adjust your computer or phone settings, and check out ResponseCRM. And don’t forget, we also make it super easy and affordable to sell online with our powerful technology and transaction-based pricing model.

Now, what does Yoda think about this? In Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, he said, “In a dark place {we’ll call it dark mode} we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.”

So, if you decide to keep lights low at night and use the dark mode on your electronic devices, we take this to mean that you can learn more about your business, and that can help drive sales. Plus, you just might work more comfortably and sleep easier.

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