What Dogs, Zoom, Psychiatrists, Remote Work and Business Strategies have in Common

What can you learn from dogs that can help you increase online sales? When is it appropriate to wear a bathrobe during a Zoom team meeting? If you fall while commuting from your stairs to your home office, is this considered a workplace injury? Why do you need to “think like a shrink” to put the fun in dysfunctional meetings? These and other questions about remote work and business strategies that you might have thought about but were afraid to ask are answered in these articles that led to Behzad Sharifi, Co-Principal of ResponseCRM, receiving two Noonie Awards as Contributor of the Year in the Remote Teams and Business Strategy categories for Hackernoon.

Hackernoon is an  online publication with more than 3 million monthly readers and 15,000+ contributing writers. It has an open and international community built for technologists and more than 3,000,000 monthly readers.

Sharifi’s experience in leading remote teams to research, develop, market, and support ResponseCRM is reflected in these articles with practical guidance and humor. “I’m delighted to receive these awards for content related to timely topics that enable remote teams to work more effectively and to develop strategies for helping businesses to grow,” says Sharifi. “In fact, ResponseCRM, a headless commerce company that makes it possible for businesses to launch and grow their online sales easily and cost-effectively, has been fully remote since Day 1.”

The future is headless
Sharifi says he’ll write more articles for Hackernoon and tackle topics that explore ways companies can expand and thrive in an economy where inflation is increasing, competition is growing, and consumers want a more personalized and efficient shopping experience. “This is why more businesses are moving to headless commerce, so that when changes are made on the back end, such as to enhance personalization, they don’t disrupt storefronts,” he says.

Are you ready to improve the customer experience while driving revenue and lowering costs? Then it’s time to consider how ResponseCRM can help you launch or expand your business. We offer all the features you need that make building and managing your store a simple and profitable process.

Spoiler alert: In case you don’t get a chance to read all the articles referenced in the first paragraph, here are answers to the first two questions.

1.     What can you learn from dogs to increase online sales? Take a “dogged” approach.

2.     When is it appropriate to wear a bathrobe during a Zoom team meeting? Never.

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