ResponseCRM Wins a Stevie Award® in the 2020 American Business Awards and Why This Matters

We’re delighted that ResponseCRM won a Stevie Award for our eCommerce Solution and Transaction-Based Pricing Model in the Electronic Commerce category of the New Product Awards in The 19th Annual American Business Awards.® This achievement recognizes the newest version of our ResponseCRM platform and how we help people start or grow businesses without any upfront investments, monthly fees, or contracts.

What the Judges Say about ResponseCRM:

These are some highlights from Stevie® judges’ comments about ResponseCRM and how our innovations have made a difference:

  • “The transaction-based charging model can help companies operate their online business with limited resources during difficult times.”
  • “ResponseCRM’s revamped solution has effectively helped customers in the COVID era.”
  • “Great strategy by ResponseCRM in integrating eCommerce campaigns with their customers to manage their online sales, payment processing, marketing, and sales/performance tracking.”
  • “ResponseCRM provides a valuable platform for both marketing and selling services online.”
  • “Split-URL testing and other great innovations and integrations.”
  • “A cost-effective solution for start-up businesses to provide payments, fulfillment, email, etc.   Great innovations, particularly during a global pandemic…”

Here’s some background about the Stevie® awards:

The American Business Awards are the U.S.A.’s premier business awards program. All organizations operating in the U.S.A. are eligible to submit nominations – public and private, for-profit and nonprofit, large and small. More than 3,800 nominations from organizations in virtually every industry were submitted for consideration in a wide range of categories.

Thanks to our customers

Many thanks to our ResponseCRM customers for helping to make this recognition possible by their commitment to our product and ongoing feedback for innovations and integrations!

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