ResponseCRM Integrates with Midigator to Simplify Payment Disputes

ResponseCRM, an industry-leading headless commerce solution provider that makes it easy and affordable for new and expanding businesses to sell online and increase their profitability, announced today that ResponseCRM platform users can leverage Midigator's technology to prevent, fight, and analyze chargebacks. "Midigator is connected with the world's top payment industry leaders and provides a comprehensive, multi-layer approach to resolving disputes and preventing chargebacks," says Behzad Sharifi, co-principal, ResponseCRM. "This gives our users another option for averting threshold breaches and keeping their merchant accounts in good standing."

As more businesses look to maximize the profitability of ecommerce stores, they are turning to ResponseCRM for its comprehensive features, powerful integrations, and affordability. "Businesses are adjusting to a ramp-up in inflation and seeking ways to save while meeting customers' expectations," says Sharifi. "Our free software and money-saving, transaction-based pricing delivers much-needed value, and with the Midigator integration, they can also take advantage of the many payment dispute features available to fight chargebacks and recover lost revenue."

Smooth integration

Midigator establishes a two-way data connection with ResponseCRM and allows data and actions to flow seamlessly between the systems so that information is always in sync and accurate. Order data passes to Midigator, which connects to ResponseCRM and updates CRM data, such as marking orders as chargebacks, canceling recurring orders, refunding orders, leaving notes, and more.

Midigator provides intelligently optimized dispute responses and economic filters. Other features include its flexible automation, in-depth analytics to identify and solve issues at their source, real-time-account reporting, chargeback prevention alerts, custom notifications, and DisputeFlow®, which can fight chargebacks with just a few clicks.

About ResponseCRM

ResponseCRM makes it easy and affordable to sell online and scale more profitability with headless commerce. The ResponseCRM platform blends its award-winning, cutting-edge technology to maximize ecommerce conversion rates. It delivers powerful integrations with popular apps for advanced payment processing and more to help your business thrive. With its low-cost transaction-based platform, you only pay for what you use at .06 cents a transaction.

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