ResponseCRM Featured in Forbes Article About Remote Teams, E-Commerce Metrics, and More

What are three things that managers need to do when they lead remote teams? In a Forbes article, Brent Gleeson, the founder of CEO Talking Point and a former Navy Seal, describes the importance of collaboration and communication, having the right tools and technology, and adjusting to a new normal with a healthy sense of urgency to ensure that the timing of process improvements or adoption of new tools are appropriate to get the desired results. 

In his discussion about tools and technology, he emphasized the importance of metrics related to online sales. Here’s an excerpt from that article about ResponseCRM and one of the many benefits it provides to e-commerce businesses.

“And as the saying goes, anything important must be managed and measured. Behzad Sharifi, co-principal of ResponseCRM, recently explained to me why metrics matter now more than ever. ResponseCRM helps users affordably manage and expand e-commerce businesses via greater access to key metrics and custom-testing options."

"When it comes to growing your online business, these integrations and features should be conveniently available in one platform,” Sharifi says. “Test different landing pages and images to see what works. Understanding analytics fuels conversion rates and traffic. The result? More qualified leads and more reliable sales. Learning and refining these metric-driven processes is essential for running any remote business,” notes Sharifi.

According to the article, “Knowing your basic key performance indicators might seem like fundamental stuff, but having an integration built around what matters most to your business is essential taking a data-driven approach to scaling the company.”

Read the entire Forbes article here.

If you’re looking to launch or scale your online business more affordably, easily, and more profitability with headless commerce, be sure to consider the ResponseCRM platform. It blends our award-winning, cutting-edge technology with advanced payment processing to maximize eCommerce conversion rates to help your business thrive.

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