ResponseCRM Featured in Article on Growing Profits with Headless Commerce

You may have heard a lot about headless commerce, but do you know how it can help your business? This article in Entrepreneur explains how it can help you get ahead and what headless commerce means for the consumer. The article describes where ResponseCRM and its customers fit in and how headless commerce creates a custom experience based on the consumer’s needs. 

Here are some excerpts:

  • “Headless commerce is based on the concept that a customer can benefit from a personalized shopping experience because the front end of a website is separated from the back-end technology.”
  • “To stay agile and grow profits year over year, you need to be running as efficiently as possible. That's where headless solutions like ResponseCRM come in. ResponseCRM is designed to give companies of all sizes the eCommerce capabilities they need to run effective marketing and sales campaigns.”
  • “The processes for the path the website visitor took to become a customer are irrelevant to any of the post-transaction operations,” says Behzad Sharifi, Co-Principal of ResponseCRM. “What’s important is only that they are a customer, the data remains secure, and any necessary information is transmitted to where it needs to go and is managed properly.”
  • “Requiring a client to use a payment processor’s shopping cart with its limitations can set a client way back, not only with potential latency, but also with limitations on branding and browser compatibility,” says Kali Brooks, Co-Principal of ResponseCRM. “Even milliseconds of latency can cause a drop in conversions, reducing the client’s bottom line.”

Read the article in to learn more and discover what headless commerce looks like from start to finish with a ResponseCRM customer.

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