Inflation’s Up but What’s Your 6th Sense About 6 Cents Per Online Transaction?

Some people feel like they have a 6th sense that makes them aware of things that other people might not ordinarily know will happen. Let’s discuss what that means in terms of inflation and running an online business as the economy reopens.

We’ve seen how eCommerce companies are trying to keep up with the demand for a variety of products. Certain components and materials are scarce. These costs have been rising as suppliers are trying to catch up. If you’ve been to the gas pump lately or the grocery store, you’ve probably noticed that those prices have also jumped this year. And don’t even get me started about the cost of new cars (which rose 6% in 2020) and used cars (which surged 14%). But you don’t need a 6th sense to tell you that one rate will remain stable—regardless of inflation. That’s the 6-cent cost per transaction with ResponseCRM.

What makes this approach such a bargain for eCommerce businesses?

  • The software is free —There are no set up fees, monthly fees, hidden fees, or contracts.
  • When you sell on-demand , you can buy items from affiliates and have them ship products directly to your customers. So, you don’t need to purchase inventory, store it, or worry about selling at a steep discount if the product isn’t working out as you expected.
  • It’s easy to open an account with ResponseCRM and get your business up-and-running quickly and cost-effectively. Plus, we have great tools to help you sell, and dashboards with detailed analytics to track and measure your success.

At a time when the cost of products is going up, and the demand for them is increasing, isn’t it great to know that you won’t have any surprises in the cost per transaction for online sales? You only pay for what you use with ResponseCRM. It’s inflation-proof—not like the breakfast that I just ate or the car that I wanted to buy.

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