Inflation Proof Your Ecommerce Business

We all felt the impact of inflation, particularly this year. And you don’t have to go very far to experience this. Just take a trip to the grocery store, gas station, auto lot, coffee shop, or just about anywhere and you’re reminded that your dollar seems to be shrinking. An industry-leading economic forecaster predicts that the US inflation rate will stay near 9% throughout 2022. In fact, inflation is at the highest rate since 1981.

You may not be able to control inflation, but you can soften its impact. We’ve got some suggestions that will make a real difference. As you go through your list of must-haves to keep your business going, think about what it costs to run your ecommerce platform.

What can you do to really make a difference in reducing costs for your online business? Here are some ways to get great value, functionality, and simple pricing to drive success with your ecommerce business.

∙      Don’t pay to use cutting-edge ecommerce software when it’s available for free.

∙      Don’t get locked into a contract for your platform.

∙      Don’t get stuck with set up fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees

ResponseCRM takes away all of those pain points with our free software. In fact, you only pay the low rate of .06 cents per transaction. Plus, you can scale with us and easily customize without limits.

We can help you to grow your business and experience the powerful features and integrations we offer with our popular apps and payment processors. Discover how ResponseCRM can help you make this happen and accelerate sales while keeping inflationary costs down for your online business.

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