How To Improve Mobile Checkout Experience?

Smartphone shopping is the future of e-commerce business. Mobile commerce will dominate online sales. That’s a fact. The trouble, though, is that things aren’t running smoothly in this field as we hoped and expected. Why?

Blame It On A Poor Mobile Checkout Experience

When was the last time you tried to purchase something by using your smartphone? What was your mobile checkout experience? It probably wasn’t great.

There are estimates that go as far as to 50% of all failed or unsatisfactory online sales, which can be contributed to the poor mobile checkout process. This problem can cause a great deal of frustration for your e-commerce business for obvious reasons. You’ve invested time, money, and resources in attracting new customers. Instead of finalizing their orders, your customers are leaving before checkout.

Before you know it, your business becomes a victim of the domino effect caused by a poor mobile checkout experience. Your sales, conversion, and retention rates are affected – in a bad way.

If You Don’t Offer A Great Mobile Checkout Experience – Your Competition Will

It is that simple. If you want to increase your e-commerce conversions, you have to invest in mobile checkout. Here are the top five points you need to focus on if you want to improve your mobile checkout experience:

#1 Speed

When it comes to mobile checkouts, every second matters. You need to make sure your customers go through the checkout process as smoothly and quickly as possible. According to Google demonstrates, people are very likely to leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

#2 Fewer Clicks

If the seconds matter, the same applies to the number of mobile checkout clicks. The fewer – the better. Here’s the million-dollar question for your e-commerce business: How many times your customer must click before he or she leaves your site with a purchase?

#3 Additional Payment Options

Here’s the simple truth about the top-performing sites. What all of these sites have in common are multiple payment options.

#4 Live Support

If you want to prevent your consumers from becoming frustrated and having second thoughts their purchases, then your support has to be available 24/7. The catch is to minimize the damage of a poor mobile checkout experience or at least to identify the weak points of this process.

#5 Think About Additional Value Features

These features won’t cost you a fortune, but they can help you make one. For example, you can simplify the mobile checkout process for your customers with additional features, such as customer recommendations, reviews or saying that shipping address will be the same as billing address.

ResponseCRM Mobile Checkout Solutions

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