Get More Cyber Monday Orders Now with ResponseCRM Split URL Testing

Marketing Automation Solution Enhancement Provides Many Campaign Variations for Higher Sales and Conversion Rates

ResponseCRM, a leading direct marketing automation and eCommerce solution provider, recently released innovative split URL testing capabilities for its powerful ResponseCRM online marketing solution, enabling companies to test up to 9 unique URLs in their email marketing campaigns to help them determine which content is most likely to result in sales.

"Now is a great time to start or expand an online business, and we're excited to give companies the opportunity to test multiple variations of their campaigns before they are launched," says Darren Lunt, ResponseCRM managing partner. "Cyber Monday—the biggest online shopping day of the year—is November 30, and we can get customers up-and-running on our solution immediately and ready to take orders without having to pay upfront fees, monthly fees, or sign contracts."

The Advantages of Split URL Testing

With the rapid growth in online business and increased competition, companies can maximize their marketing investments by creating multiple variations of campaigns to quickly determine which approach has the highest conversion rate. "Our split URL testing feature makes that process easy because all you need to do is to create a basic control URL page for a campaign, modify it with various versions—such as different images, headlines or text—and then test these URLs to see which one gives you the fastest ROI," Lunt says. "By enabling people to create many variations of a campaign at a time, and decide where they want to drive the traffic, they can make decisions to pick the most effective URL that can quickly convert clicks into sales and accelerate profits."

For more information, watch this 3-minute demo or contact our sales team.

About ResponseCRM

ResponseCRM is a leading CRM direct marketing automation and e-commerce solution provider. Blending cutting-edge technology with advanced payment processing and support, you can't find a better system that can offer what we offer at such a low cost. We provide a transaction-based platform, so you only pay for what you use. With no setup fees, no monthly licensing fees, and only 6 cents a transaction, you have nothing to lose. If you sell online, you need ResponseCRM!

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