Get a Piece of the $1 Trillion US Online Shopping Market

By the end of the year online shoppers will continue to take a bigger bite out of the brick-and-mortar retailers. A recent report forecasts continued growth in eCommerce in 2022 driven by growing demands, even though prices continue to rise. That’s a 13% increase over 2021. Meeting the needs of businesses spurred by this rapid growth is a key reason why eCommerce companies like ResponseCRM are committed to providing customers with integrations that give online businesses more options.

eCommerce businesses have unique requirements and that’s why having many choices in how they process payments is important. “We recently integrated with Solid, which offers fully integrated payment APIs that support any type of business,” says Behzad Sharifi, Co-Principal, ResponseCRM. “Solid is our newest integration partner and offers a payment infrastructure that delivers payment processing, antifraud capabilities, subscription billing and other functions.”

ResponseCRM, a headless commerce company, has been recognized in the industry for its award-winning, advanced technology and low-cost, transaction-based model. “By combining the benefits of the ResponseCRM platform with Solid APIs, we’re offering online businesses another opportunity to easily process and manage payments,” says Sharifi. “With Solid, you can use the same integration for payments made with cards (including 3D Secure) and mobile wallets, such as Apple and GooglePay.”

The only place for online shopping to go is up. As more consumers embrace the convenience of online shopping, they’re going to be much less likely to return to their pre-pandemic shopping habits. By giving online businesses more options for payments and other capabilities, these businesses are in the best position to capture that growth.

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