Dial-In using INFOCU5’s Dialer integrated with ResponseCRM

Do you need to convert your leads to buyers? Or need customer service for your campaigns? Or BOTH!? Have no fear, Infocu5 is here! ResponseCRM is integrated with Infocu5 to make your life easier. Managing your campaigns is hard enough, and who can’t benefit from an extra helping hand or two? No longer do you have dial-out on your own leads or manage customer service, leave that to the pros…

Setup is simple and then you’re off to the races with INFOCU5 integrated with ResponseCRM.

Highly-Trained Agents – Agents on the Connect platform through INFOCU5 must complete a mandatory two-week training course to prepare them for superior, empathetic, and high-end customer service and sales support. Upon completion of detailed training, agents are required to renew their certifications, ensuring they remain up-to-date on all product changes, additions, enhancements, and campaign goals.

Total Transparency and Power – With the INFOCU5 Resolution center, you are able to listen-in on any of your campaign’s service and sales calls. This provides you with the finest quality assurance and transparency in every facet of your customer support. If someone is not representing your campaign adequately, you have the power to remove agents and add new ones as you see fit.

Real-Time Data – Through constant updates and inputs from our teams, Resolution, the epicenter of INFOCU5’ software solutions, is carried by our agents and their ability to provide current data and analytics of your business’ performance and profitability.

In-House Feel Without the In-House Cos INFOCU5’ scalable call center solutions provide your business with in-house customer support without the in-house overhead. You pay for exactly what you receive — talk times. We handle the rest.

Create Your Own Scripts – Having a clear and communicative message is vital with customer experience when it comes to your products and services. Create the script you want agents to deliver, and edit your dialogue whenever you please.

Customize Your Team – It’s never been easier to organize your team of agents servicing your customers. Listen to calls between agents and customers to select the best fit for your team when conveying your brand’s campaign, voice and overall message.

With INFOCU5, you will experience better performance, greater quality and more transparency throughout your customer’s life cycle while increasing average order value every step of the way!

ResponseCRM is a leading CRM direct marketing automation and e-commerce solution provider. Blending cutting-edge technology with advanced payment processing and support, you can’t find a better system that can offer what we offer at such a low cost. We provide a transaction-based platform, so you only pay for what you use. With no setup fees, no monthly licensing fees, and only 6 cents a transaction, you have nothing to lose. If you sell online, you need ResponseCRM!

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