7 Ways ResponseCRM Merges Simplicity and TPP Compliance into One Attractive Package

If you’re looking for a TPP-compliant CRM, then look no further. With ResponseCRM, you can feel more confident that your campaigns adhere to the TPP-compliant standards required by your merchant processor.

Why are those standards so important? Well, meeting them gives your customers a very clear understanding of when a subscription begins. That way they’ll know exactly when they’ll start being charged for a subscription they purchased. Major credit card companies often require this level of compliance to avoid those dreaded customer support calls from customers saying – “Hey, I never agreed to this subscription, and I want my money back!”

ResponseCRM has integrated with Paysafe to provide TPP Compliance and low cost into one package. If this pandemic has taught us anything at all, it’s that we must be adaptive to change, and in some cases, quick change. What sells today might not sell tomorrow. What works this week might not work next week.  And that’s why ResponseCRM’s performance-based pricing makes it easier for you to adjust to prepare for any circumstance. At just $0.06 cents a transaction, with no setup or monthly fees, it just makes sense to make the switch to ResponseCRM.

Got the picture? So, if you’ve been using Paysafe for your CRM’s TPP compliance, it’s time to consider moving over to ResponseCRM, a Paysafe TPP-compliant partner, for that capability. Here are seven reasons why:

  1. No upfront costs (We only make money when you do, so why pay these costs?)
  2. No ongoing fees (Those can really add up and impact your profitability)
  3. No set-up costs (Why should you before you ever even make a penny?)
  4. Superior customer service (We’re here for you 24x7. We care!)
  5. Simple transaction-based pricing at just .06 cents a transaction  (It’s so easy!)
  6. An innovative, intuitive, award-winning CRM to meet your needs (We do it all for you)
  7. Online business continues to soar so be in a great position to drive revenu (Don’t miss out—go with the best!)

What are you waiting for? Let us help you make the move. Our integration with Paysafe gives you the TPP-compliance you need, along with fast-and-easy access to more products and services from regulated providers. Contact us today and start saving now!

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