5 Essential Requirements for Growing Your Online Business in 2022

Did you know that the online sales are expected to hit $1 trillion dollars in 2022? It’s unstoppable, and at ResponseCRM we’re continuously working on integrations and enhancements to help you meet the demands of this explosive market. Just to put this growth into perspective, online consumer spending reached a record $813 billion in 2020 – a 42% increase from 2019. Wow!

$1 trillion is such a big number to grasp – 1,000 billion. How large is that? Well, a trillion square miles would cover surface of 5,000 planet earths. Now that’s huge. But what does this vast expansion in ecommerce mean for you and your business? And where does ResponseCRM fit in? Here are some points to consider as we move into the new year.

  1. It’s a great time to start or expand an online business. Online shopping went from being convenient to becoming essential during the pandemic. Even people who were more likely to shop in physical stores experienced the ease, personalization, and time-saving opportunities available with online shopping, spurring that growth.
  1. Personalized shopping experiences matter now more than ever.  Headless commerce, which separates the front end of your business from the back end, makes these interactions even more personalized to drive brand loyalty and get higher conversion rates. 
  1. Billing and processing are simplified when you go headless. Our platform eliminates the need to have numerous plug-ins to manage bills and orders. As a result, you can process transactions and fulfill orders more rapidly. 
  1. Affordable and efficient headless commerce solutions continue to drive profitability. It doesn’t make sense to pay upfront set-up costs, monthly costs, and hidden fees or sign contracts for a solution when ResponseCRM delivers all the capabilities you need and you only pay a low fee per transaction. We only make money when you make money.
  1. Agility, speed, and security are essential. Developers need the tools to get products to market faster, most efficiently, and securely, while information gets transmitted to the right place and managed properly. ResponseCRM makes that happen and our headless commerce API lets you seamlessly scale your shopping experiences.

In 2021, we implemented many powerful integrations and enhancements to make it even easier, more secure, and efficient for our customers. We’re excited about new capabilities and opportunities that we’ll deliver in 2022 to provide you with the best value for all your ecommerce needs while enhancing the customer experience.

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