We've all heard of the blockchain, but do we really understand how it works?

Thankfully GreenBox POS does know and uses blockchain technology to its fullest potential, which is why ResponseCRM is so enthusiastic about their new integration with the tech company. Millions of transactions are completed daily by suppliers, customers and all kinds of organizations throughout the world, but the trick to making the process run smoothly and quickly is impenetrable security - enter, the blockchain.

To break it down, GreenBox describes the intricate process as an unaltered digitized record of transactions, like an encrypted data package of agreements that is virtually unhackable. The best part is, by providing real-time updated ledgers, the blockchain makes it possible to eliminate the middleman institution, such as banks, and allow transactions to flow directly between the customer and the business - saving you a consumer from multiple dues, fees and headaches. With GreenBox, you don't have to wait around for third-party distributors or administrative approvals like you do for a bank to withdraw your own money. Instead, get your funds almost instantly with GreenBox through their various customizable payment solutions made for a multitude of industries and businesses.

ResponseCRM is proud to announce this new partnership with GreenBox POS not only because of the blockchain capabilities, but also because of the advanced GreenBox software systems that include features such as financial audit preparation, expense tracking, tax payments, data fidelity controls and more. The software maximizes your business’s potential while reducing cost - who doesn’t love that?