With everyone moving around at a much faster pace these days, it's hard to keep up. Everything is now, now, now - especially with purchasing, because no one wants to wait for processing. Well, we have some very exciting news for you, the founders of ResponseCRM are proud to announce their new integration with Blue Snap, a modern global payments company with a different take on eCommerce.

Now businesses can reach their customers through whatever payment they choose to use: traditional online and mobile checkout as well as invoice payments, phone and email orders through virtual terminal, subscription billing and marketplace (multi-vendor) businesses making purchasing quick and easy for consumers all around the globe - and let's not forget about security. ResponseCRM and Blue Snap have world-class chargeback and fraud prevention technologies, as well as extensive reporting and analytics throughout.

Overall, this new integration with two award-winning companies gives consumers the ultimate purchasing power with over 100 types of payment options.

Here's what customers are saying:

  • "Flexibility is the best feature. You can have a completely hosted service or simply use them as a gateway and anything in between. They were very accommodating for our unique needs and worked with us to change the typical work flow to fit the business requirements"
  • "Reliable partners, user-friendly interface, prompt communication with support and management, smooth operating"
  • "Great for start-up and experienced companies"
  • "Global presence at the click of a button"

Basically, if you're looking to increase your software functionality with worry-free compliance and kick-ass customer service/support teams, while providing an additional revenue stream, then this is the perfect fit - welcome to ResponseCRM with BlueSnap!