Frequently Asked Questions

Company value: Why should I choose ResponseCRM over other e-commerce service providers?

If you sell online, you need us. We’re a leading CRM direct marketing automation and e-commerce solution provider. We blend cutting-edge technology with advanced payment processing and support. You can’t find a better system that can offer these capabilities at such a low cost. With our transaction-based platform, you only pay for what you use.

Getting started: How do I get started using Response CRM?

Click here and simply enter your name, email, and phone number. That’s how easy it is!

Solutions overview: What’s the difference between ResponseCRM and ResponsePay?

ResponseCRM is a performance-based online selling tool and provides all of the resources you need to sell products or services online.

  • It automates billing, fulfillment, order management, and affiliate tracking.
  • You can use it to set up, manage, and analyze your campaigns.
  • It has chargeback and fraud analytics to protect your business, website conversion metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of web pages, and split-URL testing to get the most value out of campaign spending.

ResponsePay lets you accept credit cards directly.

  • Qualified merchants can sign up and start accepting payments in minutes, instead of weeks and get started without needing to have a reserve. So, why wait? We even offer two-tiered pricing, daily payouts, fraud protection, compliance and more.
  • You get fast, predictable transfers and we charge a fixed rate.
Support: I need someone to walk me through the process of using ResponseCRM. Where can I get that help?

Our experienced team is here to help and give you the personalized service you need to succeed. Contact us directly at here.

Pricing: What does it cost to use ResponseCRM?

We only charge 6 cents for each successful transaction. So, there are no setup fees, monthly fees, hidden fees, or contracts. We only make money when you make money!

Price structure comparisons: How does the price structure of ResponseCRM compare with traditional pricing for campaigns?

Most companies will charge you many different fees or have you sign a contract. So, when you’re just starting a business, you have to make that financial investment in direct marketing automation. However, with ResponseCRM, you only pay based on your transactions.

We also offer ResponsePay to reduce merchant account processing costs. Here’s an example of how a customer had major savings when they switched to ResponsePay.

ResponsePay vs. Typical Merchant Accounts: How much can I save when I use ResponsePay instead of a typical merchant account?

We’ll show you how much you can save and help you to scale. Complete this application and get an instant quote.

Starting an Online Business: How can ResponseCRM make it easier to start an online business?

With our flexible pricing model, you can invest in other areas of your new business and scale faster, without having to spend on direct marketing automation until you transact business. We make it easy to create effective campaigns quickly and we offer so many powerful integrations. We’ll help you get up-and-running quickly. Read how one CEO was able to cut costs with ResponseCRM while growing the company’s business.

Calculating campaign costs: How do I figure out what a campaign will cost?

Check out our easy-to-use campaign calculator before you start a campaign to get an estimate.

Split-URL testing: What’s the value of doing split-URL testing?

You can get much better conversion rates when you have the ability to quickly test how word and color changes, image swaps, and other modifications to offers can impact sales. Watch this 3-minute demo to get more details.

Integrations: What types of integrations do you have available?

We are integrated with more than 40 plugins for payment processors and gateways, shipping and fulfillment, email service providers, chargeback and alerts, fraud prevention, call centers, and site and funnel builders. We even have an open API to let your developers integrate your API with our site. Learn more about our integrations here.

Credit card testing: What’s unique about your credit card testing feature?

You have the ability to test as many unique cards as possible, instead of just one. This helps to protect your business from companies that try to evaluate the flow of your most successful pages in an effort to use that data to their competitive advantage.

Reporting, billing, and analytics: What types of reports and functions do you offer to help me manage my business?

We’ve got you covered from affiliate tracking to tax collection, subscription billing to chargeback management and fraud detection, down to every last piece of data analytics. You’ll be able to review what transactions are scheduled to bill and where, along with approval, cancellation and refund ratios. Billing, fulfillment, order management, and affiliate tracking are some of the many features that are fully automated. Our website conversion metrics let you see how pages are converting from one step to the next.

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