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Ananda Nongmin
Professional Accountant & Virtual CFO
I am professional accountant, having a degree in Accounting and have practical experiences for more than five years in multiple industries locally & globally. I can develop & ...
Account Management Accounting Corporate Finance + 11 More
Jobs done
Hours Worked
Hourly rate
Pavel Koshelev
Linux, AWS, Cloud Expert, PHP Dev, Network ...
I am reliable and self-motivated professional with strong work ethic. Team player and team leader, I have management skills as well as technical. Participated in multiple ...
PHP Linux System Administration Magento + 2 More
Jobs done
Hours Worked
Hourly rate
Joshua Fulton
Project Manager
United States
My main focus is project management. I have aquired over a decade of experience in the direct response industry from sales to sales management to back office ... .
Administrative Support CRM Project Management + 2 More
Jobs done
Hours Worked
Hourly rate
Kenneth Gómez
"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." Chris Grosser
United States
Experience in customer service through Teleoperators, Internet tools management, Project Management, People Leadership and reaching proposed ...
Customer service Customer support Project management + 8 More
Jobs done
Hours Worked
Hourly rate
Fatima Gomez
"The beginning is always the hardest. Life rewards those who work hard at it."
Person committed, quality performance at work, communication skills, organization, Office management and great ability to learn new procedures quickly...
Customer service Customer support Live Chat Operator + 2 More
Jobs done
Hours Worked
Hourly rate
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